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Since 2004, Moscads Exousia, Pt. has introduced Embedded & Industrial PC Aaeon brand in Indonesia. Even so, its launch had less response from all the consumers in Indonesia. Nevertheless, we are consistent in selling the product, until we see today the fast growth of Industrial PC in Indonesia.

Our website is known as the most complete Industrial PC products supply. We tend not to present cheap and fragile materials. We offer high quality and affordable products only, attested from factory test, attested from our test, and earn numerous certifications. Some of them are ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, 3C, CE, FCC, and RoHS Compliant.

Our many customers prove our products we provide are high in quality and satisfaction is guaranteed. They have utilized the products in telecommunication, transportation, electricity, banking, gas and oil, advertisement, research institution, and automotive industry.

Moscads Exousia, Pt. has expanded to be a company offering Industrial PC products available throughout all Indonesia. Learn more about the Industrial PC benefits we provide by contacting us today.


Excellent In Work
Our principle in working is working with whole hearted as we do it for God. The result of our working standard is the best of all. For us, there are too many company having “good” working standard but for “the excellent” working standard is so rare.
Our company really concerns for the professionalism attitude of our staff. We tried to minimize each fault may be happened in working with double checking and supervise many times that making our work quality is excellent.
About delivery goods, we always try to be punctual as we have promised. Even we try to send the products earlier. When we late, we will contact you in advance.
With good team work, we are stronger to reach our vision and mission. Our team has commitment in finishing all the works/ orders which we’ve received from our customer. Our target is able to finish all in a short time. We don’t want to make our customer wait even chase us.

Excellent In Service
Our customers are precious assets to keep our company survive. Therefore we appreciate each inquiry from customers. When we can’t handle it, we will inform them. We don’t want our customers wait our replay for the inquiry that can’t be handle.
When there is miss understanding and technical fault, we will ask forgiveness and make clarification. The proof of being humble that nobody is perfect. The fault is precious lesson for us that we will never make the same mistake in the future.
Our priority is giving the best service to our customer. We want all customers fell our warmth, friendship and professionalism attitude, when we serve them. Thanks God, up to now we are dealing more than 70 customers, most of them are factories. These big number, proven that we have satisfied customers with our service.

Excellent In Produce
For us this principle is applied in our work, “Where there is a will there is way.” Nothing too difficult if we are willing to try and learn, keep trying to solve every hindrance.
Up to today, there in no project too difficult for us to handle. We can finish it perfectly. We are challenged when we have new projects, different application by using Automation System.
We have R & D team that keep work in order to develop sophisticated system and application. Which support by experience and knowledge staff (Professor and Doctor) the result of our research gets more and more perfect.

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